WARNING: Dr. Judy Mikovits: Fauci Will Release More Deadly Bioweapons On The World!

Fauci, what are you planning to do?

We don’t know their massive plans because as time passes, they are only inventing and introducing more scary things.

Fauci and his gain of function created a world pandemic, making the world chaotic and the best place for criminals. I guess the biggest criminals are the governments in collaboration with the police and Fauci and his team.

They are the ones promoting the vaccine, the bioweapon striving for depopulation! Next year we’re going to fight against another pandemic, a pandemic of blood clots. Precisely that will cause the vaccine. Many people will die.

Prepare yourself for other lockdowns because of the emergence of new variants. Also, Fauci is preparing a new virus that will probably ‘’leak’’ from the Wuhan Laboratory so that the drug companies can sell their new bioweapons.

Take a look at the video below, and hear the warning Dr. Judy Mikovits shared: