WARNING: C-19 Vaccines For Pregnant Women Is Atrocity & Shameful!

Dr. Peter McCullough shared the motive behind suppressing C-19 treatment to prepare the people for massive vaccination.

Mike Adams interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough, where the doctor stated that coronavirus patients could get treatment with already available medicaments like including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

He emphasized that C-19 patients need to ask for this treatment, nothing that the only people who died after being admitted to hospitals were those who didn’t get these treatments.

McCullough reiterated that early treatment of the virus would leave the problem solved without a problem. Masks and vaccines won’t treat the disease.

McCullough also said that we need doctors who worked with C-19 patients previously, not the doctors we see on TV. They haven’t even seen a single C-19 positive patient. The doctor stated that he has seen no international collaboration to attempt to treat the disease and that we’ve been under medical dictatorship.

America could thwart the first wave in March 2020 because of the treatment with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. The pandemic will be uncontrollable only if the agencies don’t allow the usage of this medicine.

The suppression of this treatment prepares the population for mass vaccination.