VIDEO: Psaki Is On A Strike With The Obvious Lies!

“Liar, liar, pants on fire!” Has this woman EVER told the truth on her press releases?

Obviously, her presses are not set up, because either way, she would avoid direct questions with obvious answers, and wouldn’t be obligated to lie on live national TV. To reporters who write the news and major happening in our country and the international politics.

And her latest lie was so obvious, she even looked as silly as she sounded, knowing that fewer and fewer people will buy her nonsense excuses.

She dared to say out loud that Biden supported the league’s decision and both of them have come up with the idea that the players on these teams were somehow involved in this decision!

Since it is already a proven fact that it was actually the MLB commissioner, and not the players the ones to make the decision, I wonder how isn’t she already making up a silly excuse to cover up for this one?