MORE LIES OF THE ELITES: TWITTER Refuses to Allow Any Photos or Video of MAGA Crowd Protesting Biden in Texas

Joe Biden and his handler wife Jill traveled to Texas more than a week after the deep freeze caused power outages across the state.

Biden waited until the temperatures warmed up into the 70s before heading to Texas because he is feeble.

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As was reported earlier by Cristina Laila — Trump supporters lined up to greet Joe Biden as he arrived at the food bank in Houston on Friday.

Not a single Biden supporter was in sight… but he got 81 million votes?

The only video allowed on Twitter disguised the fact that hundreds of Trump supporters greeted Dementia Joe in Houston.


On Friday The Gateway Pundit searched Twitter to find news on the MAGA protesters greeting Joe Biden in Houston.

Far left Twitter hid all photos, video and reports on the large MAGA presence at the Biden appearance.

Twitter is now worse than Pravda. These far left elites have ruined a once popular website by choosing to hide any content that will damage the dementia patient in the Oval Office.
What horrible people.