MLB Will Move All-Star Game to Denver Where a Photo ID Is Also Required to Vote and Drink Beer at Coors Field

Major League Baseball expanded its contract with the Chinese firm Tencent, which has significant ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

The announcement was made on April 1st.

On April 2nd Major League Baseball moved the All-Star Game out of Georgia after state leaders passed a new election law that requires a photo ID to vote absentee in the state.
MLB said it was undemocratic.

What frauds.

MLB will announce on Tuesday that this year’s All-Star Game will be moved to Coors Field in Denver, according to a report told to USA TODAY Sports.

The game will be played at Coors Field where a photo ID is required to drink Coors.

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Colorado also requires a photo ID or a similar identifying document to vote.
Via Jack Posobiec.