Dr. Shiva Invited Maricopa Election Officials To Open Dialog On Audit Reports!

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D. SMVS, SMME, SBBE, and the inventor of the email, invited Maricopa County officials to discuss the audit results.

Maricopa county preferred method of communication with the AZ Senate is Twitter, media, and Dr. Shiva thinks that they have been using a private media proxy to disseminate misinformation via their posts to AZ Mirror.

Dr. Shiva asked for an open forum between County and audit officials.

From the very beginning, Maricopa County was constantly refusing to comply with the auditors’ questions:


Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, who was commissioned by the Arizona State Senate, will be holding an OPEN FORUM on October 14, Thursday, to motivate open dialog among the public, press and Maricopa Election Officials to address the anomalies discovered by the EchoMail audit of Early Voting Ballot Return Envelope Images.

On September 24, 2021, Dr. Shiva submitted his 99-page audit report and gave a presentation to the Arizona State Senate. The report, presentation as well as other documents can be found here: https://vashiva.com/dr-shiva-delivers-groundbreaking-audit-report-to-arizona-senate/.

Since that report, the media has been spreading misinformation and disinformation to avoid the central issues uncovered by Dr. Shiva’s audit. The Maricopa Election Officials are invited to this dialog. Using behind media proxies to avoid discussion is not productive for the public to understand the substantive issues. Dr.SHIVA encourages the Press, the Public and the Maricopa Election Officials to attend so we can advance election systems integrity.

The OPEN FORUM will be live on Dr. Shiva’s Facebook and Youtube.

From Dr. Shiva’s audit presentation, we can conclude that 17,000 ballots were duplicated.

Still, Maricopa County doesn’t want to answer the questions, but they share tweets and in the news say that the auditors are wrong, without giving some suitable explanation.