Democrat US Representative from St Louis, Cori Bush, Drafts Resolution to Punish Those Who Attempt to Overthrow the 2020 Election Joe Biden Just Stole

The new Democrat US Representative from St. Louis, Cori Bush, drafted a resolution addressing those who believe Joe Biden stole the election.  She wants them punished.

Sean Davis last night reported:

Bush stated in her tweet:I believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences. They have broken their sacred Oath of Office. I will be introducing a resolution calling for their expulsion.

Here is Bush’s resolution:

Bush claims that the violence in the Capital yesterday was a domestic terror attack in an attempt to overturn Biden’s stolen election.  She believes there must be consequences since the people who know Biden cheated to steal the election are wrong to call out the many instances of crimes and corruption.  She believes those that stand up for justice “have broken their sacred Oath of Office”.   She wants anyone who believes the election was stolen to be expelled from Congress. 

Cori Bush has officially announced her presence in the US House of Representatives. She’ll fit right in.