BREAKING: Town Meeting Moved To High School! Windham, NH Board LEFT The Meeting Because Outraged Residents Shout Them Down Over Audit! [WATCH]

All the residents turned their back to the Windham, New Hampshire City meeting at the city hall. Then, the leaders moved the meeting to a smaller venue today. Hundreds of residents were left outside alone.

The local citizens were furious because the city leaders left them outside the meeting, having only a few dozen of people in the venue.

Also, that wasn’t the only thing why they were angry.

The leaders told the residents they would use a corrupt deep state organization to hold the audit.

Because of those announcements, the citizens opposed city leaders. So, the board members left the meeting.

No one from the board thought that the locals would confront their corruption.

It was EPIC.

Ken Eyring, a local activist, and patriot will attend the event this night.

Now you can watch the video.

Also, you can see the video via Bao Chau Kelley.

However, the meeting changed its location, and now it occurs at the Windham High School.