BREAKING STATEMENT: Marjorie’s Rule For True Americans

Life can’t be a straight line, or always a climb – that would mean that one is dead. That’s why even our heartbeat goes up and down – it’s the line of life, constructed by falls and rises.

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And the truth is – we lost the elections because we were dragged into a game of lies and treason, a game we don’t know how to play really well. And we’ve been outplayed!

And, now, let’s face the situation we’re in and try to make the best out of it!

What we’ve learned about the Liberals up until now?

  • they don’t care for being hypocrites, or for calling them hypocrites
  • they don’t operate on the truth
  • they don’t follow the very rules they try to maintain
  • they don’t “play clean”
  • they play very well along with the media networks
  • they don’t respond to kindness
  • they manipulate
  • they use your weakness right against you – so don’t show any weakness!

As harsh as it sounds – we have to deal with the TRUTH. Since there’s no running away from this situation.

We’ve seen their “standards” and awkward, twisted Christianity – if you don’t embrace transgenderism and homosexuality, you’re a bigot and a “bad Christian.”

They’ve taken our piece of land.

Trying to give equal rights to immigrants.

Twisting our religion and beliefs against us.

And let me ask you something – what are you without your beliefs?