BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer Uses Foetal Tissue In The Vax! Project Veritas Proves!

It’s breaking news!

There is only one reason for the people not to take the vaccine: they don’t want to!

No one should force you to do something that you don’t want. People should stick to what they have planned. The authority will find its way to implement its vaccines to the population, but they can’t harm us if we stick together.

They will eliminate all the exemptions one at a time or together.

The authorities said that a singular belief isn’t enough. We know people that have to leave their job at the hospital because they refused a deeply held religious belief as a single belief, although in this case, it was legitimate in the sense that on top of the person’s medical expertise leading the person to think that the vaccine is a terrible idea, the person’s religious beliefs also exempt this person.

Let’s talk about the exceptions, and it’s like the private clubs, and the smoking ban is a con. They never planned to allow exceptions, except at a whim. The pro basketball players that go to Canada don’t have to take the vaccine because they give a national service.

However, we have to take the vaccine.

Take a look at the video below and see what else the Pfizer whistleblower will tell you: