BREAKING: A Printer in Michigan Printed Tens of Thousands of Excess Pennsylvania Ballots Which Were Shipped to New York and Fraudulently Filled Out Before Being Delivered to Pennsylvania

More details regarding the truckloads of ballots shipped from New York to Pennsylvania has been uncovered.  These ballots were printed in Michigan and sent to New York.

Patrick Byrne released breaking information this morning on fraudulent ballots in Michigan:

Byrne notes that a printer in Michigan printed ballots for Pennsylvania.  This printer then prints additional ballots that somehow make it to Bethpage, New York.  In New York, ballots are processed for Joe Biden by individuals who are not the people identified in the ballots.  This was a massive election fraud enterprise:

This is all supported with documents and affidavits, etc.:

We reported on this story a few weeks ago before some of the additional information from Byrne was released:

There is more corruption and crimes in the 2020 election steal than in any fraudulent exercise in history.