Someone Tell President Trump’s Attorneys – The Democrats’ Footage Showing Violence at the Capitol on January 6th Was Filmed by Antifa

Someone, please tell President Trump’s attorneys that the main evidence used by the Democrats to prove violence at the Capitol on January 6th comes from Antifa.

On Tuesday the Democrats in the House pled their case that President Trump should be impeached because he was behind the violence at the Capitol on January 6th.  In their opening remarks they shared this shocking video of the actions that day in the Capitol:

Of course, the Democrats removed the President’s remarks where he told his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard.”

But what the Democrats also neglected to point out is that the video that they used comes from Antifa.  The Democrats want to blame the entire mess inside the Capitol on President Trump and his followers but the facts show the violence was led by the Democrat connected violent group known as Antifa.

Throughout the Democrats’ video from their opening statement they use video footage from Jayden X.  This video was filmed by a man named John Sullivan who is a member of Antifa.

Sullivan organized an Antifa event at the Capitol that very day.  Then embed himself in with these violent hoodlums in the Capital and filmed their destruction:

Sullivan was later on CNN with a photojournalist who was at the Capitol and they described the events in the Capitol that day.  They of course didn’t discuss with CNN that they were cheering each other on and saying “We done it!” while inside the Capitol.

Sullivan even bragged about dressing as a Trump supporter at the Capitol:

And to no one’s surprise there is video footage of Sullivan training Antifa soldiers and selling riot equipment at his website:

We’ve reported on other who appear to be members of Antifa who were at the Capitol that day.  Sullivan wasn’t the only Antifa member at the Capitol:

The Democrats’ primary source for information showing President Trump and his supporters rioting in the Capitol comes from Antifa. 

Hat tip Alphamail