Confirmed: Democrats’ Contempt for the Military Reached New Heights in 2020 Election – They Showed It by STEALING Military Votes In Multiple Swing States

President Trump loves the military men and women and they love him.  But something criminal happened in the 2020 election where poll watchers in multiple states reported seeing military ballots tampered with and their votes going to Joe Biden.

The Democrats showed their true regard for the military in the 2020 election.  In at least two states, the military ballots were suspiciously altered and adjusted to change their votes away from the President they loved to the candidate who belittled them, Joe Biden.

We know in Detroit when it was time to count the military ballots, which always go to the Republican, the Republican poll watchers were locked out of the room.  When one individual made it back into the room she saw why.  All the military ballots she saw were on photocopied paper and only for Biden and were being recopied to ballots so they could be entered into the voting tabulators.  This was done with no Republicans present:

We knew in Fulton County Georgia the same thing occurred.  All the votes went to Joe Biden, which is so remote it is statistically impossible:

Yesterday in Georgia a poll watcher announced that 93% of the military ballots in Georgia were impossibly for Biden:

The Democrats loathe the US military.  They only want power.

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